Bucher QX Gear Pumps


Bucher QX pumps are a 5th generation of Bucher internal gear pump. Numerous improvements have been made to the straightforward and robust design which is now lighter and more compact than before.

A new tooth profile has also reduced noise levels; large sealing areas result in higher efficiencies.

The internal ring gear is supported by a hydrodynamic/hydrostatic lubrication film, which allows operation at low viscosities or low and high speeds. QX pumps are therefore suitable for use with variable speed drives, where they can provide variable flow rates.

The Bucher QX pump is available in displacements from 10.3 cc/rev to 495.4 cc/ rev: QX21-010 | QX21-012 | QX21-016 | QX31-020 | QX31-025 | QX31-032 | QX41-040 | QX41-050 | QX41-063 | QX51-080 | QX51-100 | QX51-125 | QX61-160 | QX61-200 | QX61-250 | QX81-315 | QX81-400 | QX81-500

Across the series, continuous pressure ranges from 100 bar to 360 bar, peak pressure is 400 bar and maximum speed ranges from 1800 rpm to 3600 rpm.

Download the Bucher QX Technical Catalogue here >>>

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