Casappa Polaris PLD Series Flow Dividers


Casappa Polaris PLD series flow dividers are made of high resistance aluminium alloy and can be used as flow equalisers, flow dividers and pressure intensifiers.

These flow dividers have displacements ranging from 0.13 in³/rev (2.14 cm³/rev) to 2.01 in³/rev (33.03 cm³/rev) and are available in groups 10 and 20.

  • Maximum peak pressure up to 4060 psi (280 bar)
  • Modular design
  • Accurate division of flow
  • Built-in relief valves
  • Combinations between different groups

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

Model SeriesDisplacement cm³/revMax Outlet Pressure p1Max Outlet Pressure p2Max Speed  min -1Min Speed  min -1Max Flow  l/minMin Flow  l/min
PLD 10.223600 PSI4000 PSI420012508.92.65
PLD 10.3,153.13600 PSI4000 PSI3990120513.23.99
PLD 10.443600 PSI4000 PSI384017516.24.98
PLD 10.54.93600 PSI4000 PSI3680114019.56.04
PLD 10.6,36.23600 PSI4000 PSI3500110023.27.29
PLD 20.44.83600 PSI4000 PSI4100125020.26.16
PLD 20.6,36.53600 PSI4000 PSI3970123526.18.12
PLD 20.88.33600 PSI4000 PSI3850122031.6510.05
PLD 20.11,211.13600 PSI4000 PSI3660120040.8513.42
PLD 20.1414.43600 PSI4000 PSI3460117550.0217.03
PLD 20.1616.63000 PSI3300 PSI3335116055.8819.47
PLD 20.2020.83000 PSI3300 PSI3125113065.723.83
PLD 20.25263000 PSI3300 PSI2900110076.2128.9
PLD 20.31,532.63000 PSI3300 PSI2660106087.3934.84
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