Eaton Char-Lynn 10000 Series Motors


The Eaton Char-Lynn 10000 series motor is the biggest in their disc valve motor range. Capable of continuous flow of 170 litres/minute and 2,700 Nm of torque, this motor is both powerful and efficient.

Typical applications include: boring, industrial, metal forming, port equipment and saw mills.

The motor is available in 4 displacements ranging from 345 cm³/rev to 940 cm³/rev:

10000 Series Motors              
Displacement (cm³/rev)345480665940
Max. Cont. Speed (rpm)501354254179
Max. Int Speed (rpm)784552396279
Continuous Flow (l/min)170170170170
Intermittent Flow (l/min)265265265265
Continuous Torque (Nm)1040147520852700
Intermittent Torque (Nm)1390196526103440
Cont. Pressure (bar)205205205190
Int. Pressure (bar)275275260240
Peak Pressure (bar)275275275260

Other features of the 10000 series motor:

  • High torque and flow;
  • Additional options including 2 speed and speed sensors make this motor “smart”;
  • Low pressure loss even in higher flows;
  • High power density for demanding mobile and industrial applications.

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