Eaton Char-Lynn 4000 Compact Series Motors


The Eaton Char-Lynn 4000 compact series motor is a newer addition to the range. It produces the same amount of torque as the standard 4000 series, but is more compact than its smaller counterpart, the 2000 series.

The unit’s intermittent torque rating is 1220 Nm. A variety of mounting options include two 2 bolt mounts (SAE A, SAE B), and four 4 bolt mounts (magneto, standard and wheel mounts.)

The motor can be specified with either the larger size shafts of the 2000 series or standard output shaft sizes of the 4000 Series, plus one new 1-1/2 inch straight. The 4000 series compact size and optional shaft sizes make this motor ideal for vehicles like skid-steer loaders requiring high power and productivity in a small frame.

The 4000 compact motor is available in 6 displacements from 160 cm³/rev to 490 cm³:

4000 Compact Series Motors
Displacement (cm³/rev)160200250325405490
Max. Cont. Speed (rpm)464375300234188155
Max. Int Speed (rpm)699562450351282232
Continuous Flow (l/min)757575757575
Intermittent Flow (l/min)115115115115115115
Continuous Torque (Nm)510758734793800975
Intermittent Torque (Nm)69084093510539211218
Cont. Pressure (bar)225225205170140140
Int. Pressure (bar)310295260240170171
Peak Pressure (bar)310310310310275260


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