Eaton Char-Lynn VIS 45 Motors


The Eaton Char-Lynn VIS 45 is the most powerful motor in the VIS range. Maximum continuous output torque is rated to 4520 Nm with a displacement range from 630cc to 1560cc per revolution.

Two speed and single speed versions are available.

VIS 45 motors can be run up to 170 litres/minute with pressure capability up to 310 bar (4500 psi).

The motor uses patented VIS technology: improved high-strength geroler, optimised drive geometry, and two-piece pre-loaded balance plate for increased starting efficiency, reduced leakage and higher back pressure capacity.

VIS 45 Motors      
Displacement (cm³/rev)63080599012451560
Max. Cont. Speed (rpm)256198164129104
Max. Int Speed (rpm)284220183143115
Continuous Flow (l/min)170170170170170
Intermittent Flow (l/min)189189189189189
Continuous Torque (Nm)29633555405245204520
Intermittent Torque (Nm)31113722454953765650
Cont. Pressure (bar)310310258205164
Int. Pressure (bar)345345322256205
Peak Pressure (bar)379379379308246

Other features of the Eaton Char-Lynn VIS 45 motor include:

  • Patented VIS geroler technology;
  • Three moving components: (geroler‚ star, drive, and output shaft);
  • Maximized drive strength in compact package size;
  • Two-piece pre-loaded pressure balance plate;
  • Variety of optional features including two-speed option and case flow solutions for both closed-loop and open-loop applications;
  • Extremely compact powerful package:  increased torque capability;
  • Greatest horsepower density in the VIS motor line;
  • High efficiency;
  • Quiet, smooth operation;
  • Reliable performance.

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