Continental Hydraulics PVR Vane Pumps


Continental Hydraulics PVR pumps are highly efficient, variable displacement, pressure compensated vane pumps. They are also amongst the quietest units available.

A moving cam ring provides variable volume and constant pressure. As the rotor turns clockwise, the volume between two adjacent vanes increases at the suction porting. When these segments enter the pressure port area, the volume is reduced and forces the fluid out through the pressure port.

Maximum output occurs when the cam is in the extreme eccentric position. When system requirements are less than maximum pump output, system pressure forces the ring up (against the spring), reducing eccentricity and resulting in less flow.

Constant pressure from zero to full displacement is maintained by the spring. When system volume demand falls to zero, the system pressure drives the ring to a concentric position. This changes the displacement to zero while system pressure is maintained.

The series is available in 3 sizes: PVR-3B (11.47 cc/rev) | PVR-6B (14.74 cc/rev) | PVR-8B (19.66 cc/rev)

Across the range, operating pressure is 70 bar (1000 psi), flow at 1750 rpm ranges from 15.1 litres/minute to 30.5 litres/minute. Operating speeds are from 800 rpm minimum to 3600 rpm, maximum.

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