Continental Hydraulics PVX Vane Pumps


Continental Hydraulics PVX pumps are variable displacement, pressure compensated vane pumps. They deliver faster response, and require less external compensation compared to fixed displacement designs. PVX pumps are also well-suited to tough applications and operating environments.

When the pump’s outlet pressure equals the pressure corresponding to the spring setting, the pump’s cam ring is moved to reduce the displacement. This adjusts the flow rate to the values required by the system. In zero flow demand conditions, the pump only delivers oil to compensate for any system leakage, keeping the circuit pressure constant.

The series is available in 9 sizes: PVX-8 ( 16.8 cc/rev) | PVX-11 (27.4 cc/rev) | PVX-15 (32 cc/rev) | PVX-20 (47.3 cc/rev) | PVX-29 (64.4 cc/rev) | PVX-36 (82.3 cc/rev) | PVX-46 (99 cc/rev) | PVX-60 (131 cc/rev) | PVX-75 (164 cc/rev)

Maximum continuous pressure across the series varies from 170 bar (2500 psi) to 210 bar (3000 psi), with a speed range of 1150, 1450 and 1750 rpm.

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