Dana Brevini OT300 Gear Pumps (Group 3)


Dana Brevini OT300 gear pumps are group 3 gear pumps. They have an extruded aluminium alloy gear housing and cast iron mounting flanges and cover.

This construction makes them suitable for heavy working conditions, and capable of transmitting high hydraulic powers. They offer very good mechanical and volumetric efficiencies and low noise levels. Suction and pressures ports can be GAS threaded or flanged.

The OT300 series is available in 11 displacements from 22 cc/rev to 90 cc/rev: OT300 P22 | OT300 P28 | OT300 P32 | OT300 P38 | OT300 P42 | OT300 P48 | OT300 P53 | OT300 P63 | OT300 P73 | OT300 P82 | OT300 P90

Maximum working pressures range from 150 to 260 bar, with peak pressures from 180 to 300 bar and maximum speeds of 2100 to 3000 rpm.

Dana Brevini Motion Systems is the division of Dana Off-Highway Motion and Drive Technologies and is the result of the acquisition by Dana of the Breveni Fluid Power business. The company is committed to customer satisfaction and excellence of their products and services. This means they offer superior product quality, technologically advanced products, world-class service and competitive prices.

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