Duplomatic 1P External Gear Pumps


Duplomatic 1P pumps are fixed displacement external gear pumps with axial clearance compensation.

They give high volumetric flows even at high operating pressures, and have low noise levels. The balancing system of the loads on the guide bushings ensures high endurance.

They are available with displacements from 1.1 cc/rev to 8.0 cc/rev: 1P-1,6 | 1P-2,2 | 1P-2,5 | 1P-3,3 | 1P-4,2 | 1P-5,8 1P-6,7 | 1P-7,5 | 1P-9,2 | 1P- 11,5

Maximum flow rate at 1500 rpm ranges from 1.6 to 11.9 litres/minute. Maximum operating pressure ranges from 160 to 230 bar, with peak pressures from 200 to 270 bar. Speeds range from 2100 rpm to 6000 rpm, maximum and 600 rpm to 1000, minimum.

These pumps are available with clockwise rotation direction and with tapered shaft. The hydraulic connection is with BSP threaded ports type.

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