Duplomatic DL3 Solenoid Actuated Directional Valve


The Duplomatic DL3 valve is a solenoid actuated directional valve that is designed to control the rate and direction flow in a hydraulic system. The DL3 is available in a 3-port or 4-port design as well as with spring returns or mechanical detents. The valve body is made from highly durable cast iron with wide internal passages to minimize drops in pressure. The DL3 uses a sub-plate mounting.

Potential controls for this valve include: standard manual override, levers, push override, boot and mechanical detent devices.

Wet armature solenoids are used in this product in conjunction with interchangeable coils. The use of a rectifier bridge means this product is available in either AC or DC configuration. This product allows for DC solenoids to be fed with AC power supply. The standard manual override of the DC valve is boot protected and can come with a turning knob.

The Duplomatic DL3 valve range includes models with a high IP degree and products that are galvanised to be corrosion resistant.

Key technical details of the DL3 include:

  • Maximum flow rating: 50 litres/minute (13.2 gallons/minute)
  • Maximum pressure: 280 bar (4061 psi)
  • Number of ports: 3 or 4

For more specific product details please download the Duplomatic DL3 technical data catalogue >>>

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