Duplomatic Directional Valves

Duplomatic directional valves prevent or direct flow through particular channels

The range of Duplomatic directional valves includes:

  • DS2 | DS3 | DS5 | DL3 – solenoid operated directional control valve and DS3JB, with junction box;
  • DS3GL – solenoid operated directional valve with digital interfaces;
  • DL3B – 8 watt solenoid operated directional control valve;
  • MDS3 and MDS5 – modular solenoid operated directional control valve;
  • M*F3(M) – modular shut-off valves solenoid or hydraulically actuated, with/without position monitoring, CETOP 03;
  • DL5 – compact solenoid operated directional control valve, DL5B (DC) and DS5JB, with junction box;
  • BD | BDL | BDM | BDS  – stackable directional control valves;
  • BLS6 – bankable load sensing proportional control valve;
  • BFD* – bankable six-way flow selection switch;
  • E*P4 | DSP7 | DSP10 – pilot operated distributor solenoid or hydraulic controlled;
  • DS(P)*M – solenoid operated directional valves – monitored spools;
  • D*K* – explosion-proof solenoid operated directional valves and DT3K* solenoid actuated poppet valve (ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO);
  • DT03 – solenoid operated poppet directional control valve and MDT, poppet, modular;
  • KT08 – poppet type solenoid operated valve – cartridge type;
  • DSH* – Lever operated directional control valve and DSH3L, compact version;
  • DSR3 – Roller cam operated directional control valve;
  • DSA* – Pneumatically operated and DSC3 hydaulically operated directional control valve;
  • DSB* – Self-reversing valve;
  • EC – electric connectors; ECL – power-saving device for on-off solenoid valves; ECF – amplified connector for fast command for on-off single solenoid valves.

Please contact us for further technical details and configuration options, or if you cannot see the Duplomatic directional valves that you need – we’ll be delighted to help!