Duplomatic IGP Internal Gear Pumps


Duplomatic IGP pumps are volumetric displacement pumps with internal gears.

These quiet pumps feature high volumetric performance levels, thanks to both radial and axial compensation in proportion to operating pressure.  Optimal load distribution and special friction bearings enable continuous duty at high pressures and ensure extended pump life.

They are available in five sizes, each divided into a range of different displacement: IGP3 from 3.6 to 10.2 cc/rev | IGP4 from 13.3 to 32.6 cc/rev | IGP5 from 33.1 to 64.9 cc/rev | IGP6 from 64.1 to 126.2 cc/rev | IGP7 from 125.8 to 251.7 cc/rev

Maximum flow rate at 1500 rpm ranges from 5.4 to 377.5 litres/minute. Continuous pressure ranges from 210 to 330 bar, with peak pressures from 250 to 345 bar. Speeds range from 1800 rpm to 3600 rpm, maximum, and 400 rpm, minimum.

IGP pumps are also available in multiple versions which can be combined to make multi-flow groups.

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