Duplomatic MDF3 MCF3 Shut-Off Valves


Duplomatic MDF3 and MCF3 valves are versatile and configurable stackable shut-off valves. The product can be used with DC solenoid or hydraulic actuation and with or without spool position monitoring.

Both of these valves are fitted underneath directional control servo-valves in order to ensure safety in a the event of a power failure. The MDF3 and MCF3 spools are available in with either float, closed, parallel or cross positions when switched.

Note that versions with spool monitoring do not have a manual override and cannot be disassembled. This is due to their specialised characteristics and the need to comply with specific safety requirements. The spool position monitoring is available either for initial position or for actuated position dependent on the the required application.

Key technical details for the MDF3 and MCF3 valves are:

  • Maximum operating pressure: 350 bar (5076 psi)
  • Maximum flow: 50 litres/minute (13.2 gallons/minute)

For more specific product details please download the Duplomatic MDF3 MCF3 technical catalogue >>>

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