Duplomatic VPPL Axial Piston Pumps


Duplomatic VPPL pumps are variable displacement axial-piston pumps. They have a variable swash plate and are suitable for open circuit applications with intermediate pressures.

The pump’s flow rate is proportional to the rotation speed and variable swash plate angle. The maximum and minimum angle can be limited mechanically via suitable regulating screws.

These pumps are supplied with a SAE J744 2-hole flange and a SAE J744 cylindrical with key shaft as standard.

Duplomatic VPPL pumps are available in 7 nominal sizes with displacements from 8  to 100 cc/rev: VPPL-008 | VPPL-016 | VPPL-022 | VPPL-036 | VPPL-046 | VPPL-070 | VPPL-100

Maximum operating pressures range from 210 to 280 bar; speeds range from 500 rpm, minimum, to 2000 maximum. The pumps are available with 4 different optional regulating controls.

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