Duplomatic VPPM Axial Piston Pumps


Duplomatic VPPM pumps are variable displacement axial-piston pumps with variable swash plate. They are suitable for medium-high pressure open circuit applications.

Flow rate is proportional to rotation speed and to the swash plate angle, which can be continuously adjusted. The maximum and minimum angle can be limited mechanically via suitable regulating screws.

VPPM pumps are able to bear high axial and radial loads on the shaft. They are usually supplied with a ISO 3019/2 mounting flange, with the exception of the rear and intermediate multiple pumps. In this case they are only available with a SAE J744 2-hole flange and a SAE J744 splined shaft.

The pumps are available in 3 different frame sizes with displacements from 29 to 87 cc/rev: VPPM-029 | VPPM-046 | VPPM-073 | VPPM-087

Maximum continuous pressure ranges from 250 to 280 bar, intermittent ranges from 280 to 315 bar and peak pressure ranges from 315 to 350 bar. Maximum rotation speed at maximum displacement ranges from 1850 to 3000 rpm. Seven different types of regulating control are also available.

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