Eaton Dowmax ME Motors


Eaton Dowmax ME motors are axial piston motors with a double swash plate design and multiple opposed pistons. These low speed, high torque motors can operate at speeds as low as 1 rpm. They are perfect for applications such as directional drilling machinery, top head drives and marine winches.

Good for starting at cold temperatures, Dowmax ME motors also feature a flat, pressure-compensating valve plate that prevents thermal shock.

The Eaton ME motor range covers 13 displacements from 99 to 4097 cc/rev: ME100 | ME150 | ME175 | ME300B | ME350B | ME600B | ME750B  | ME850B  | ME1300A | ME1900 | ME2600 | ME3100 | ME4100

Other features include:

  • Compact and easy intallation;
  • Robust construction;
  • Speed sensor options available;
  • Quiet operations;
  • Numerous shaft styles;
  • Various mounting configurations.

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