Eaton DuraForce HPV Series Piston Pumps


Eaton DuraForce HPV Series pumps are variable displacement axial piston pumps for use in high-pressure, closed loop systems. They have a modular, efficient, swashplate design that enables operational flexibility and interchangeable controls. Tandem and multiple pump configurations are possible.

These durable pumps are in available 7 displacements: 55 | 75 | 105 | 135 | 165 | 210 | 280 cc/rev.

Other key features of Eaton DuraForce HPV pumps include:

  • Maximum continuous speed 2000 – 3300 rpm; intermittent speed 2200 – 3700 rpm
  • Maximum operating pressure: 420 bar;  intermittent pressure: 500 bar
  • Continuous input torque: 218 Nm – 1122 Nm; maximum: 353 Nm – 1817 Nm
  • Continuous power at maximum continuous speed:  75 kW 235 kW

Clockwise or counter clockwise rotation

  • Exact and rugged servo control devices: mechanical, hydraulic or electro-hydraulic;
  • Integrated high pressure relief valves with make-up function;
  • Integrated low pressure relief valves for boost, control and cooler circuits;
  • Optional integrated cold start relief valve;
  • Replaceable cartridge filter;
  • Choice of SAE fittings: high pressure ports | mounting flange with ANSI or SAE spine shaft |
    through-shaft SAE A, B, B-B, C, D and E;
  • Charge pressure pumps for internal and external suction, optional integrated cold start relief valve;
  • Hydrostatic rotating group bearings.


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