Eaton Integrated Check Valves


Eaton Integrated check valves are direct- or pilot-operated check valves for cartridge or in-line hydraulic circuit applications.

Direct-operated check valves can be used as conventional check valves or as low-pressure relief valves. Meanwhile, pilot-operated check valves can be used as position load-locking valves or as an alternative to some counterbalance valves.

The valves have a unique, compact design and deliver low pressure drops for excellent repeatability and stability. The range includes simple, cost-saving load-bearing devices through to optional adjustable override releases.

Eaton check valves can be used as a low-cost alternatives to more complex solutions. This is useful when overrunning loads and/or load release control speed are not factors. A 3:1 pilot ratio satisfies simple load holding requirements, while providing smooth operation and longer operating life.

Other features of Eaton Integrated check valves include:

  • Low spring settings;
  • Pressure rating up to 350 bar (5,000 psi);
  • Flow rating up to 227 litres / minute;
  • Wide variety of standard housing and port options and BSPP port options in the following configurations: In-line single or dual | SAE, 4-bolt, code 61 | Close coupled, nipple mounted | Gasket mounted single or dual

All of Eaton’s check valve cartridges have hardened and ground poppets and sharp-edged ground steel seats, which provides durability, dirt tolerance, reliable seating and fast cycling.

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options on the full range of Eaton Integrated check valves.

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