Eaton Hydraulic Valves

Eaton hydraulic valves offer a versatile line up, delivering functionality for a variety of applications. They  include many features and performance levels, making them one of the true market leaders.

Eaton hydraulic valves come in three main model lines, comprising industrial, mobile and screw-in cartridge valves. For specific details on each category, please see the information below.

Eaton industrial valves:

Eaton industrial valves are easy to install, efficient and long-lasting. Consequently, they are perfect for applications that present eve even the toughest conditions and harshest environments. The range includes:

  • AxisPro Proportional valves: Eaton’s next generation AxisPro® proportional valve is built on the proven KB Servo Proportional Valve technology, but moves the game forward with refined operation dynamics. Hence, these valves reliably provide multiple levels of performance for a wide range of applications.
  • Directional control valves: Eaton’s directional control valves are configured to be easily mountable on industry standard surfaces. Eaton’s DG directional valves provide three- or four-way directional control for cylinder or hydraulic motors.
  • Proportional flow valves: To maintain dependability in tough times, Eaton’s proportional flow valves are fitted with their external electrical wiring sealed into a housing. As a result, these valves feature improved moisture resistance when compared to competitors.
  • Proportional valve electronics: The Eaton proportional valve electronics are equipped with user-friendly, LED front panels and a variety of system feedback monitors. As a result, these features improve functionality, driving the integrated systems with precision and accuracy.
  • Servo valves: Eaton servo valves are the perfect solution for closed-loop control applications. This is because they give systems exact positional accuracy, repeatable velocity and predictable force. The consequence of these features is a dependable and precise valve for accurate customer control. 
  • System Stak: Eaton’s System Stak provides a full range of complementary pressure, flow and check valve functions. Furthermore, they save space, reduce installation costs and increase the internal efficiency of hydraulic systems.
  • Subplates and bolt kits are available for easy attachment to systems. 
Eaton mobile valves:

Eaton mobile valves are the reliable solution for mobile machinery in a broad range of industries. The range includes:

  • CLS load-sensing sectional mobile valve: Eaton’s CLS load sensing sectional mobile valves are a pre and post compensated mobile valve family with a highly versatile design.
  • CMA advanced mobile valve with independent metering: The Eaton CMA valve features on-board electronics and sophisticated software algorithms for precise control of mobile and vehicle ancillary and primary functions.
  • HRC4, HRC2 and HRCP: The HRC(x) range is a line up of hydraulic remote controls for system regulation at a distance .
  • VLC, VLE and VLH:  The VL(x) range of load-sensing priority valves adjust braking pressure depending upon the weight of the weight of the cargo being carried.
Eaton screw-in cartridge valves:

Eaton provides reliable valve technology for mobile machinery across numerous industries. Their range includes:

  • Check valves: Eaton’s check valves are available as direct or pilot-operated check valves for cartridge or for in-line hydraulic circuit applications. Additionally, customers can choose from simple, load-bearing devices to more complex products with adjustable override releases.
  • Coils: The Eaton ToughCoil series enables user control of opening and closing solenoids and proportional valves. The product uses a compact, fast-switching coil, suitable for robust and challenging applications.
  • Directional control valves: Eaton’s customers can select from a wide variety of manual control options to meet your design needs. The range includes: rotary, lever, push and pull, or opt for pilot-operated or hot-oil shuttle valves.
  • Flow control valves: Eaton flow control valves precisely account for temperature, pressure and flow volume for efficient hydraulic operation. The flow control valves offer solutions for integrated relief screw-in cartridge valves, pressure compensation or other specialised features.
  • Logic element valves: Designed to provide total control over pressure, flow and direction, logic element valves span a broad range of pressure ratings and applications.
  • Motion control valves: These valves improve machine stability and efficiency, whilst simultaneously eliminating valve noise. The range includes standard, part-balanced, fully-balanced and zero-differential designs.
  • Pressure control valves: Eaton offers an extensive range of manual or pilot-operated pressure control valves for hydraulic systems. Consequently, this range is ideal for applications that require load holding, numerous pilot ratios, and efficient, stable control.
  • Proportional valves: The Eaton proportional screw-in cartridge (SiCV) valves provide customers with a smooth and accurate pressure and flow control. When applied alongside logic element valves (and other SiCV), Eaton proportional valves create an efficient and reliable hydraulic system.
  • Solenoid valves:  These solenoid valves provide maximum flexibility and control for hydraulic systems, featuring specialised ingress protection and high-performance.
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