Eaton Integrated Valve Coils – Solenoid and Proportional


Eaton Integrated valve coils quickly control the opening and closing of solenoid and proportional valves.  Standard AC coils are internally rectified to supply them with DC current and avoid an “in-rush” current.

Key features of these solenoid and proportional valve coils are:
  • Compact design;
  • Rated for continuous duty;
  • Interchangeable for serviceability;
  • Available in a variety of voltages and terminations;
  • In a one-piece, weather-proof encapsulated design;
  • Internally full-wave rectified .

The range of Eaton Integrated valve coils includes the “ToughCoil” series. Designed to ensure environmental protection and solenoid performance in a compact and rugged package, Eaton ToughCoils:

  • Come in a variety of popular integrated connection options and with wire leads;
  • Feature a best-in-class, one-piece, shell-encapsulated design;
  • Meet the most stringent environmental application requirements;
  • Can be retro-fitted in the field.

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options on the full range of Eaton Integrated coils.

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