Eaton JMF Swing Drive Motors


Eaton JMF motors are fixed displacement axial piston motors for swing applications. They provide reliable, high performance with a compact design and high power density. Typical applications include: excavators, concrete pumps, cranes and drilling.

An improved design ensures higher start up torque and overall efficiency. Mechanical shocks are minimised through an integrated valve design; this gives a smooth, energy-absorbing transition during acceleration and deceleration.

Every JMF swing motor has an integrated fail-safe mechanical parking brake, brake release valve, shockless relief, and anti-reverse valves. Other features include:

  • Compact integrated planetary reduction gearbox;
  • Smooth and precise positioning eliminates mechanical shocks;
  • Higher mechanical and volumetric efficiency helps reduce power loss.

The Eaton JMF motor series comprises 15 displacement sizes from 29 cc/rev to 250 cc/rev: JMF029 | JMF030 | JMF033 | JMF036 | JMF043 | JHF047 | JMF048 | JMF053 | JMF064 | JMF068 | JMF080 | JMF151 | JMF195 | JMF233 | JMF250

Summary performance specifications across the range are as follows:
  • Maximum output torque: 1929 Nm to 24858 Nm;
  • Gear ratio: 19.5 to 22.0;
  • Reducer maximum speed: 63 rpm to 52 rpm
  • Maximum flow 35.6 litres/minute to 288 litres/minute;
  • Normal pressure: 230 bar to 320 bar;
  • Peak pressure 276 bar to 385 bar;
  • Mechanical brake torque: 137 Nm to 1049 Nm;
  • Weight: 75 kg to 440 kg.

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