Eaton JMV Track Drive Motors


Eaton JMV track drive motors provide lower power losses and increased mechanical and volumetric efficiency. They are ideal for a wide variety of applications, offering smooth start/acceleration and stop/deceleration.

These track motors provide auto-shifting capability from high-speed, low-torque, to low-speed, high-torque (LHST) and vice versa. Their compact design also provides high power density, increased start-up torque and efficiency.

Eaton JMV motors have an integrated gearbox with 2-speed axial piston motor. They are available in 20 maximum/minimum displacements from a maximum 16 cc/rev to 274 cc/rev: JMV016 | JMV016² | JMV016³ | JMV018 | JMV021 | JMV023 | JMV041 | JMV044 | JMV047 | JMV053 | JMV067 | JMV076 | JMV076² | JMV118 | JMV147 | JMV155 | JMV168 | JMV173 | JMV185 | JMV274

Rated pressures range from 214 bar to 365 bar. Across the series, the motors are suitable for 1.5 tonne to 50 tonne mobile applications.

Other features include:

  • Integrated relief and counterbalance valves;
  • Integrated fail-safe mechanical parking brake;
  • Higher mechanical and volumetric efficiency helps reduce power loss.

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