Eaton Vickers Duraforce HMA and HMF Motors


Eaton Vickers DuraForce HMA and HMF motors have an axial piston design, and provide long life in extreme applications. They are suitable for open and closed loop operations.

With a compact design, Duraforce HMA and HMF motors are engineered to fit into small spaces in both mobile and industrial applications. A 21° maximum swash angle ensures the most compact packaging possible.

These motors deliver high efficiency, precision control and durability, with a peak pressure rating of 500 bar and continuous pressure rating of 420 bar (6,100 psi).

HMA series motors (adjustable fixed displacement) are available in displacements from 165 cc/rev to 280 cc/rev: HMA165 | HMA210 | HMA280

HMF series motors (fixed displacement) are available in displacements from 28 cc/rev to 135 cc/rev:  HMF028 | HMF035 | HMF050 | HMF055 | HMF063 | HMF075 | HMF105 | HMF135

Their modular design also provides great flexibility, while easily configurable, interchangeable controls optimise system efficiency. Other features of Duraforce HMA and HMF motors include:

  • Smooth low-speed operation;
  • High starting torque;
  • High power density;
  • Long service life
  • High reliability.

The HMF series also features: optimised start-up and low-speed characteristics; optional purge valves for purge and case flushing and optional fixed and dual setting secondary valves.

Download the Eaton Vickers Duraforce HMA HMF Series Technical Catalogue >>> 

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