Eaton Vickers

Vickers hydraulics was already an experienced and respected name when it became part of the Eaton Corporation in 1999.

The complete Eaton Vickers hydraulics product range comprises: accumulators, connectors, motors and pumps. Moreover the brand produces: industrial clutches and brakes, cylinders, filters, hose and hose fittings, as well as power units, valves and more.

Within this, the Vickers hydraulics product range includes its own range of: cylinders, valves, piston motors, pumps (industrial and mobile) and Vickers screw-in cartridge valves. In addition you will find: servo valves, vane motors, vane pumps and filters. Subsequently, Vickers hydraulics are found extensively in industrial, mobile, aerospace, marine and defence applications worldwide.

Vickers Hydraulic Motors

S26 series aluminium gear motors | Vickers Duraforce HMA and HMF series fixed high pressure piston motors | Hydrokraft MFX and MFW series | Series 1 fixed and variable motors | Vickers Duraforce HMV and HMR series variable high pressure piston motors | Hydrokraft MVX and MVW series | 741xx, 743xx, 746xx series fixed medium pressure piston motors | 71392 and 72450 series variable medium pressure piston motors | L2 and M series vane motors.

Vickers Hydraulic Pumps

Vane pumps: V series, V10 and V20 series, VMQ series, VQ and VQH series | Open / closed circuit industrial and mobile piston pumps: Vickers PVB series, PVH series,  Vickers Hydrokraft PVW and PFW pumps, Hydrokraft PVX and PFX series, Hydrokraft TVW and TVX series X20 series and Vickers MD PFC series.

Vickers Hydraulic Valves

Industrial valves: Vickers AxisPro proportional valves | check valves | DG directional control valves | flange valves | flow control valves | pressure control valves | proportional flow valves | proportional pressure valves | slip-in cartridge valves | SM4 and SX4 servo valves valves | valve electronics.

Mobile valves: CLS load sense directional valves | CMJ directional control valves | CM80 and CM120 series sectional valves, CMA series and CML series sectional valves. In addition: CMX100 and CMX160 series | MDG series sectional valves | flow dividers | monoblock valves  | 39055 self-levelling valves | VLC, VLE and VLH load-sensing priority valves | Model 32107, 32112, 32060, RM3 and FM3 relief valves | HRC4 HRC2 HRCP remote controls.

Hydraulic Filters

Breathers, filter accessories, in-tank filters, off-line filters, pressure filters, return-line filters, spin-on filters and suction strainers.

Vickers Hydraulic Cylinders

EH series electrohydraulic cylinders | IHM and TV series heavy-duty tie-rod ISO metric cylinders | N series heavy-duty tie-rod NFPA cylinders | T series hydraulic threaded cylinders | G series large-bore tie-rod NFPA cylinders | R series medium-duty hydraulic tie-rod NFPA cylinders | EM series imperial mill-duty hydraulic cylinders | I series metric mill-duty hydraulic cylinders | W series welded cylinders.

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