Eaton Vickers Hydraulic Motors

Eaton Vickers hydraulic motors and generators are engineered for peak performance in the world’s toughest applications and harshest operating conditions.

Eaton offers a complete line of bent axis and in-line piston motors with displacements from 11 cc to 4100 cc /rev. and speeds to 5500 rpm at pressures to 413 bar (6000 psi).

Eaton fixed displacement vane motors offer compact, economical high power density solutions to the needs of industrial and mobile applications. They are available in a range of displacements to meet most requirements.

The range of Eaton Vickers hydraulic motors includes:

  • Fixed high pressure piston motors: Vickers Duraforce HMA and HMF series, Hydrokraft MFX and MFW series , Series 1 fixed motors
  • Variable high pressure piston motors: Vickers Duraforce HMV and HMR series, Hydrokraft MVX and MVW series, Series 1 variable motors and pumps
  • Fixed medium pressure piston motors: medium pressure fixed piston motors
  • Vane motors: M series, L2 series

Please contact us if you cannot see the Eaton Vickers hydraulic motor that you need listed below – we’ll still be able to help!