Euro Press Pack CMC Cylinder – Spring Return


The Euro Press Pack CMC is an extra-flat spring return cylinder optimised for narrow working areas. Models have a grooved end rod to improve load grip, and cylinders with a capacity for over 20 tons have two holes to facilitate the addition of a tilt saddle. All CMC cylinders can be bolted to a work surface with two holes, and the flat design allows for horizontal usage.

All models come fitted with a wiper seal from and from 75 tons and above, a removable carry handle can be fitted. The CMC5N6 model is supplied with K71F coupler (1/4” NPT connection).

Technical specifications of the The Euro Press Pack CMC:

  • Force: 5-150 tons
  • Stroke: 6-15 mm
  • Maximum working pressure: 700 bar


The Euro Press Pack CMC is lightweight and compact, making it suitable for very narrow uses. Common applications have been: lifting machinery, bridge sections and transformers. The in the ship building industry, the CMC has been used to raise errors and remove propellers.

Users should note the important requirement to lower the pressure inside the cylinder before disconnecting the quick coupler. Practicing this avoids problems re-inserting if lowering the load. In the case that pressure persists it is possible to use the KTS38 apposite tool in order to lower the pressure in the couplers.

Optional equipment:

The CMC can be fitted with a ZTT tilt saddle, which can reduce the effects of an off-centred load. The cylinder is already fitted with a mounting hole for the purpose of this.

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