Euro Press Pack CML Cylinder – Spring Return


The Euro Press Pack CML is a spring return cylinder manufactured from high-resistance aluminium, coated with a corrosion resistant treatment. Longevity is also aided by wiper seals that inhibit the penetration of dirt. The standard pushing saddle prevents the risk of rod deformation. The product has a grooved pushing saddle as standard to increase grip, and a removable carrying handle for transportation.

Technical specifications of the the Euro Press Pack CML:

  • Force: 50-100 tons
  • Stroke: 50-150 mm
  • Maximum working pressure: 700 bar


The lightweight nature of these cylinders makes them extremely adept for applications where low mass and ease of handling are priorities.

Users should note the important requirement to lower the pressure inside the cylinder before disconnecting the quick coupler. Practicing this avoids problems re-inserting if lowering the load. In the case that pressure persists it is possible to use the KTS38 apposite tool in order to lower the pressure in the couplers.

Despite the protective treatment, it is recommended to carefully avoid sustained water contact that can deteriorate the galvanized coating, and metal beneath. Euro Press Pack recommend a maximum of 5000 work cycles for this high-resistance aluminium cylinder.

Optional equipment:

The Euro Press Pack CML can be fitted with a ZTT tilt saddle, which can reduce the effects of an off-centred load. The cylinder is already fitted with a mounting hole for the purpose of this.

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

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