Euro Press Pack ME Modular Hydraulic Power Packs


The modular design of the Euro Press Pack ME power pack guarantees complete interchangeability of the components – this means customized models are available to order. The top plate is used as a base where all the modular components are mounted, such as valves and accessories. The valves are also mounted on a plate, to allow pressure adjustment on the return line.

This hydraulic power pack is manufactured under high quality controls to ensure all components are completely safe and work in compliance with 2006/42/CE Machine Directive” and its following amendments. Furthermore they are CE marked in relation to the 2014/30 UE norms (electromagnetic compatible) and 2014/35 UE (low tension). These controls also ensure the power pack is quiet, reliable and easy to use with limited maintenance and dimensional requirements needed.

Different versions of motors and pumps are available, alongside variations in tank size and relief valves too.

Key technical specifications of the Euro Press Pack ME power pack include:

  • Reservoir capacity: 5 – 60 litres
  • Delivery at 700 bar: 0.45 – 2.5 litres per minute
  • Power rating: 0.75 – 3 kilowatts
  • Max pressure: 700 bar

They are essential for lifting and jacking systems with single and double acting cylinders and for all heavy duty or complex operations that cannot be performed with manual pumps. Common applications include civil engineering and construction, maintenance and industry.

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