Hawe DL Throttling Directional Spool Valve


The Hawe DL valve is a type of throttling directional spool valve. It continuously, and manually, meters the flow rate in hydraulic systems with single and double-acting consumers.

This valve influences the speed of the consumer by throttling the pump circulation via a parallel circuit (bypass control). The compact design and close fit of the spool in the throttling directional spool valve means that the leakage is limited to a minimum for lifting functions. Using intermediate plates, simple pressure reductions can be achieved in downstream sections if required. Manual actuation is configurable through differing potential variants.

This valve type is suitable for applications in material handling with combinations possible for controlling lifting equipment.

Key technical specifications of the Hawe DL include:

  • Maximum pressure: 250-315 bar
  • Flow rate: 16-90 litres per minute
  • Up to 10 segments

Common applications include:

  • Material handling (industrial trucks, etc.)
  • Machines for agricultural and forestry purposes
  • Construction and construction materials machinery
  • Road vehicle

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