Hawe Directional Spool Valves

The Hawe directional spool valve range covers a number of flow control applications. They are designed to manage the direction and velocity of fluid in single and double acting hydraulic consumers.

The range comprises: on/off directional spool valves, proportional directional spool valves, throttling directional spool valves and valve combinations.

Hawe directional spool valves control the direction of movement of hydraulic consumers. The range comprises types: CWD, CWS, HSF, NSWP, SG, SP, SWP, SWR and SWS.

Proportional directional spool valves simultaneously control the direction of movement and the velocity of individual or multiple hydraulic consumers. Hawe valve control is continuous and independent of the load. The range comprises types: EDL, HMPL, HMPV, PSL, PSLF, PSM, PSV, PSVF, SL and SLF.

Throttling directional spool valves continuously and manually meter the flow rate in hydraulic systems with both single or double-acting consumers. This range is covered by the versatile and configurable type DL valve.

The Hawe valve combinations bring clamping modules combine a directional spool valve, pressure reducing valve and a pressure switch into one system. The range compress types: NSDM and TLC.

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