Hawe INKA Compact Hydraulic Power Pack


The Hawe INKA compact hydraulic power pack series consists of the tank, an integrated motor and a radial piston pump directly attached to the motor shaft. The electronic communication box is directly mounted and features an integrated real-time operating system that records and illustrates the operating state. A standardised interface and processor allows the integrated sensor to transmit information (including motor speed) to the machine controls. The power pack is suitable for nominal operating mode S2 (short period operation) and S3 (periodic intermittent operation).

The modular system design of the Hawe INKA unit allows for utilisation at different volumes and delivery flows – easily modified dependent upon  specific requirements. The INKA can be supplied compatible and ready-for-connection with complete solutions.  A wide range of connection blocks and valve banks facilitate pairing this power pack with numerous assembly configurations.

Low oil-fill volumes allow less oil to be used, hence running costs for replacing hydraulic fluid are cut – this also reduces the environmental impact of running this system. Running costs are also limited by under-oil motor cooling, direct power transmission and optimised heat dissipation in order to reduce energy consumption.

Summary technical specifications of the Hawe INKA pack include:

  • System pressure: 700 bar
  • Flow rate : 1.5 litres/ minute

Common applications include:

  • Machine tools and material testing
  • Hydraulic tools
  • Handling systems
  • Presses and processing machines

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