Hawe Hydraulic Power Packs

Hawe hydraulic power packs support a comprehensive range of applications with designs focusing on longevity and durability, and delivering simple functionality for customers.

The Hawe range comprises: compact power packs, standard power packs, servo hydraulic power packs and mounted connection block power packs.

The compact power packs are characterised by their modest proportions for convenient installation in confined spaces, such as mobile hydraulic applications. This is achieved by utilising the electric motor shaft to also act as the pump shaft. The Hawe compact range consists of: A, CPV, HC, HCW, HICON, HK, HKF, HKL, HKLW, HR, INKA, KA, KAW, MPN, MPNW, NPC series.

The standard hydraulic power packs are suitable utilisation in  many conventional hydraulic systems. These items are highly configurable to the specific needs of each end-user. Aluminium or steel tanks are available, as are both gear and/or radial pumps. The standard range consists of: FXU and LP series.

The servo hydraulic power pack is a highly efficient hydraulic unit. As a result of this, no separate cooling system is required – keeping the system conveniently small. The servo power pack is designed to fit hydraulic systems with variable speeds and dynamic requirements. The Hawe Servo power pack is called the type HS.

The power pack mounted valve range is designed to be fitted easily between hydraulic controls and the power pack unit. This range are compatible with Hawe compact power packs. The range comprises: AB, AL, AN, B, BA, BNG, BVH, C, CK, NA and NZP series.

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