Hawe LP Hydraulic Power Pack


The Hawe LP power pack is an air-driven hydraulic power pack with direct valve mountings. The LP unit has reciprocally acting plunger pumps, operating as pneumatic pressure amplifiers with oscillating movement and automatic stroke reversal control. It is available as a single pump or as a hydraulic power pack with different tank sizes and valve banks. The delivery flow is dependent on the air pressure set and the hydraulic counter pressure present. This power pack can drop away to standstill very quickly if required.

This power pack is suitable for explosion-proof systems and equipment. It can also function at very high operating pressures, generating up to 1500 bar..

Summary technical specifications of the Hawe LP power pack include:

  • Maximum pressure: 1500 bar
  • Flow rate: 12 litres/ minute
  • Displacement: 6 – 28.3 cc/rev applications:

Common applications include:

  • Construction and construction materials machinery
  • Lubrication systems or potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Fixture design
  • Testing and laboratory equipment

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