Hawe MPN and MPNW Hydraulic Power Packs


The Hawe MPN and MPNW units are compact hydraulic power packs consisting of a tank, integrated motor and a radial piston or gear pump directly attached to the motor shaft. Single-circuit or dual-circuit systems can be assembled.

Type MPN includes a 3-phase motor, while type MPNW has an AC motor. Both the MPN and MPNW are suitable for nominal operating modes S2 (short period operation), S3 (periodic intermittent operation) or S6 (continuous periodic operation).

Different tank sizes enable different oil capacity utilisation. Compatible and ready-for-connection, the MPN and MPNW provide complete solutions to be assembled easily with a wide range of connecting blocks and valve banks.

Long service life and high reliability are priority features of this power pack, especially when paired with the radial piston pump. The gear pump is specialised for low noise emissions for use indoors or confined working environments. Submersible motor cooling increases efficiency to reduce running costs.

Technical specifications of the Hawe MPN and MPNW series include:

  • System pressure: 700 bar
  • High pressure flow rate (low pressure): 25.16 – 25.29 litres/ minute (71.34-108 litres/ minute)
  • High pressure displacement (low pressure): 9.17 cc/rev (26 – 60 cc/rev)

Common applications include:

  • Machine tools
  • Test stands and testing machinery
  • Small presses
  • Hydroelectric plants

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