Hawe NSWP Series Directional Spool Valve


The Hawe NSWP valve is a directional spool valve. It is used to control the direction and the velocity of flow in single and double-acting hydraulic consumers.

The NSWP series is available as a manifold mounting valve and with a nominal size 6 hole pattern (NG 6). The flexibility of this valve type allows it to be adapted to different control tasks through additional functions in the pump line and/or on the consumer side (e.g. restrictors, restrictor check valves). Intended applications for this valve industrial hydraulics, in particular, machine tools.

Whilst the proportional functions of the Hawe NSWP are easy to control this type still offers a large range of variants. The valve configuration also allows them to be combined with with NG6 sub-plates (type BA2). If required, this range of valve can be configured with compact valve banks.

Key technical specifications of the Hawe NSWP include:

  • Maximum pressure: 315 bar
  • Flow rate: 25 litres per minute

Common applications inlcude: machine tools; construction and construction materials machinery; offshore and marine technology and road vehicles.

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