Hawe ROLV Directional Seated Valve


The Hawe ROLV is a directional seated valve – it is available as a 3/2, 4/2 or 4/3-way valve with different plug types. The patented assembly consists of two parts: a round basic valve with the valve inserts, and an adapter plate. It is possible for this to be designed to suit manifold mounting with nominal size NG 6 as the standard connection pattern, or for direct pipe connection.

Additional elements such as a check valve, a restrictor (on the consumer side) and/or restrictor check valves can be integrated, depending on the functional requirement and adapter plate. The ROLV series valve can be combined in the valve bank type BA with other types of valves.

The dirt-resistant design allows for high switching reliability whilst an interchangeable solenoid means users benefit from greater flexibility and easy servicing.

Key technical specifications of the Hawe ROLV include:

  • Maximum pressure: 400 bar
  • Flow rate: 25 litres per minute

Common applications for this valve series include:

  • Machine tools (cutting and non-cutting)
  • Clamping tools, punching tools, fixtures
  • Testing machinery
  • Wind turbines

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