Hawe Directional Seated Valves

Hawe directional seated valves are designed to direct the path of hydraulic fluid to connected corresponding ports, or shutting off flow without any oil leakage. This allows them to control the movement of the actuators in a hydraulic system.

Both single screw-in or manifold-mounted valves are available, and many products can also be combined in valve banks to form a modular manifold. The range of directional seated valves is as follows: single valves, valve banks, cartridge valves and manifold mounting valves.

The Hawe single valves are leak-proof when closed and can be configured as both insert valves or for manifold mounting valves. The range comprises types: BEM, BVE, BVG, BVP, CR, D, F, G, H, IVN, K, MSV, NBUD, ND, NF, NG, NH, NK, NP, NWG, P, ROLV, RSV, SP, T, VH, VHP. VHR, VP, WH and WN.

The Hawe directional seated valve banks facilitate the combination of different circuit symbols or actuation types in order to save space. These Hawe systems can also be used to actuate independent consumers. The full seated valve bank range consists of types: BA, BNG, BWH, BWN, NZPP, SL, SLC and VB.

Cartridge valves have a housing on which port openings are aligned with the ports in the installation space. They are fitted when inside of the valve is screwed or plugged into a block. The list of cartridge valve types available follows: BVE, IVN, MSV, RSV and CVS.

Manifold mounting valves are designed to have the valve body is screwed onto a sub-plate and connected using a defined flange. The sub-plates act as the pipe connections, and the flange pattern defines the position and size of the ports for the consumers, pump supply and reflux. There are manufacturer-specific flange patterns and standard connection patterns. The manifold mounting range comprises: BVG, BVP, MSV, NBVP, RSV, VH, VHP, VHR, VP, WH  and WN.

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