Hawe RZ Dual-Stage Radial Piston Pump


The Hawe RZ series radial piston pump consists of valve-controlled pump elements arranged in star form around an eccentric. For large flow rates, up to 42 pump elements can be set up, consisting of 6 stars stacked one above the other. The pumps’ output volume is merged to feed one or more pressure outlets. This system is optimised for a very high efficiency.

The RZ radial piston pump is a dual-stage pump with a closed housing. This allows it to be used in two configurations. First, as an external motor pump outside an oil tank or integrated and installed inside a hydraulic power pack’s tank (see D 6010 H).

The Hawe type RZ pump’s operation is not dependent upon the direction of rotation. The design also allows for a fine delivery in flow rate gradation and both can run on a low viscosity oil if required.

Summary technical specifications of the Hawe RZ pump include:

  • Displacement: 1.59 – 89.6 cc/rev
  • Flow rate: 2.27 – 135 litres per minute
  • Peak pressure: 700 bar

Common applications for this pump include:

  • Industrial hydraulics
  • Testing machinery
  • Lubrication systems
  • Hydraulically operated tools

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