Hawe SB and SQ Flow Control Valves


Hawe SB and SQ valves are flow control valves that are designed to generate a set constant flow rate, largely independently of the load. These valves are available with a screw-in cartridge, a pipe connection housing or as a banjo screw version. Type SB has a slightly inclined characteristic curve for oscillation damping.

A freely movable sliding metering orifice enables greater flow in the opposite flow direction, hence no bypass check valve is required. The flow control valve type SB and SQ is used to control the lowering speed of single-acting consumers. For purely pump circuits, the excess oil flow on the inflow side must be discharged via a pressure-limiting valve.

Other valves in this range include the: CSJ, DSJ and SJ – please enquire for more specific details about these products. The flow control valve type CSJ is a screw-in valve, easily attached to threaded holes. Meanwhile, type SJ flow control valves are screw-in valves suitable to be integrated into the line system.

Key technical specifications of the Hawe SB and SQ valves include:

  • Maximum pressure: 315 – 420 bar
  • Flow rate: 2.3 – 400 litres/ minute

Common applications include: general hydraulic systems, industrial trucks and lifting equipment.

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