Hawe SD, SF and SK Flow Control Valves


Hawe SD, SF and SK valves are flow control valves – designed to generate a set constant flow rate, largely independently of the load. These valves can be freely adjusted with different mechanical actuations. All variants can be specified as a 2-way and 3-way flow control valve.

The SD series can be adjusted by a fitted knob; the SF series uses an adjusting screw; and the SK series utilises a roller actuation. The SD, SF and SK are all available as a single valve for pipe connection or as a manifold mounting valve.

Pressure-limiting valves and randomly switchable idle circulation valves are additional options if the end user requires them, and all versions can be combined with check valves.

Key technical specifications of these valves include:

  • Maximum pressure: 320 bar
  • Flow rate: 50 – 130 litres / minute

Common applications for Hawe SD, SF and SK valves include construction machinery, machine tools and general hydraulic systems

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