Hawe SE and SEH Flow Control Valve


Hawe SE and SEH series valves are proportional flow control valves. They generate a constant flow rate independent of the load which can be controlled in an electro-proportional and remote way.

Type SEH valves have piloted metering orifices to be beneficial in dynamic systems where short response times are necessary. Variants of the SE and SEH are available as a single valve for pipe connection or as a manifold mounting valve. Pressure-limiting valves and randomly switchable idle circulation valves are also additional options. The flow control valve type SE and SEH controls the operating speed of hydraulic consumers.

Other valves in this range include: PB, SEHD and SEHF – please contact us for more specific details about these products.

Key technical specifications of the Hawe SE and SEH series include:

  • Maximum pressure: 315 – 320 bar
  • Flow rate: 20 – 120 litres/ minute

Common applications include: construction machines, machine tools, general hydraulic systems and mining machinery

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

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