Hawe SG and SP Series Directional Spool Valves


Hawe SG and SP valves are directional spool valves. They control the direction and the velocity of flow in single and double-acting hydraulic consumers. The SG type directional spool valve is available in single valve configuration for pipe connection. Meanwhile, the SP type is available as a valve for manifold mounting.

Its robust design makes the directional spool valve type SG and SP suitable for a long service life, even when operating in harsh conditions, such as   maritime environments. A variety of potential actuation configurations make it a highly versatile product for numerous uses.

Technical specifications of the Hawe SP and SG:

  • Maximum pressure: 400 bar
  • Flow rate: 12-100 litres per minute

Common applications include mining machinery, cranes and lifting equipment, ship building and road vehicles.

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