Hawe Type-A Mini Hydraulic Power Pack


The Hawe Type-A is a compact hydraulic power pack, utilising a a modular design. An external gear pump is flange-mounted to power pack’s equipment rack. The plastic oil tank is round with an M 14×1.5 filling screw.

The A100 version comes with a choice of two equipment racks (Q and H). These can be used to mount a range of motors, pumps and tanks, depending upon the specific requirements. The modular system uses  Type-TLC and SL valve banks that can be used to build ready-for-connection complete solutions.

The Type-A can be run on an AC or DC power supply for increased versatility. This power pack is suitable for short periods of operation and is specialised for quiet running in close environments. Versatility is also aided by the opportunity to be installed flat or upright.

Summary technical specifications of the Hawe Type-A power pack include:

  • Maximum pressure: 160-210 bar
  • Displacement: 1.25 cc/rev

Common applications include:

  • Floor-lock systems
  • Automotive technology
  • Aviation
  • Local hydraulic control systems

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