Hy-Pro RV40 Direct Acting Relief Valve


The Hy-Pro RV40 is a direct acting cartridge relief valve. This very reliable valve is used in a range of inline mounted manifolds with 2, 3 or 4 G3/8 Ports or as a standalone cartridge for incorporation into single or twin manifolds.

The dual line, twin cartridge manifold is commonly used to prevent shock loads in hydraulic motors and equal ended cylinders. Adjustments are made using a grub screw and lock nut, which can be fitted with an optional tamper evident cap. Alternatively, a hand wheel adjuster can be specified.

This valve is suitable for all industrial, mobile, marine and agricultural applications.

Key technical specifications of the Hy-Pro RV40 are as follows:

  • Maximum flow: 40 litres per minute
  • Maximum pressure: 250 bar

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