Hydac Accumulator Accessories


Hydac accumulator accessories support the proper installation, servicing, maintenance or modification of hydraulic accumulator circuits. The complete hydraulic accumulator accessory program includes: safety and shut-off blocks in various sizes, charging and testing units, mounting equipment, nitrogen gas pressure vessels, accumulator charging valves and safety equipment including temperature fuses or gas safety valves.

Charging and testing units:
  • Accumulators need high gas pressure to operate effectively. In order to service accumulators, the the Hydac charging and testing unit works with bladder, piston and diaphragm accumulators to fill or check the nitrogen pressure at the correct level. A wide range of adaptors for both accumulators and bottles means Hydac products can be charged worldwide. Customer requirements are can be satisfied with a varying range of hoses, pressure-reducing valves or protective cases. Pressures from 0 – 800 bar can be displayed by these units.

Charging and testing blocks:

  • HYDAC charging and testing blocks are used for charging and testing back-up hydraulic accumulator stations and separate the downstream nitrogen bottles from the hydraulic accumulator. It can operate up to 400 bar and can be made from stainless or carbon steel.

Gas pressure vessels:

  • High pressure gas is necessary to the function of an accumulator, and nitrogen is the gas most regularly used. Hydac offer high pressure gas storage solutions. This means the volume of gas within a system can be expanded whilst maintaining a small accumulator size.

Accumulator safety elements:

  • Safety equipment is used for gas-side protection of hydraulic accumulators against excessive pressures and/or pressure increases resulting from unexpected temperature increases. Burst disks, temperature fuses and safety valves all function to protect the safety of the system. Hydac safety equipment has a CE marking and is shipped with a declaration of conformity.
Safety and shut-off manifolds:
  • Safety and shut-off manifolds are designed to block or relieve hydraulic accumulators or consumers. They have been designed to simplify the connection of a consumer within a hydraulic system, including a short installation time and small space requirements. It can be combined with a number of accumulator types and also additional valves that may be required. SAF and DAV models are available and operate at 800 and 350 bar respectively.

Accumulator mounting elements:

  • Hydac mounting elements enable the simple and secure fastening of hydraulic accumulators within a hydraulic system. Mounting elements are deisgned to be universally applicable to installation site and position, allowing for maximum customer flexibility. Static applications can be fixed with clamps, consoles and complete accumulator sets. Hydac naturally also provides special fastenings for dynamic stress upon request. Fastenings available comprise: SB330, SB400, SB500, SB550, SB600, SB35HB, SB40H clamps and SEB, SEBL, SEH, SEM and SEHB kits.

Accumulator charging valves:

  • Hydac accumulator charging valves control the charging of a hydraulic accumulator within a switchable range. These valves have a straightforward system of adjustment with switchable fixed pressure differentials at 12%, 16% and 21%. Switch off pressures can be set to any valve within the setting ranges 100, 250 and 350 bar. The valves are optimised for leakage avoidance with a specialised internal pilot stage. Further, it has an integrated shut off valve for comprehensive application.

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