Hydac Hydraulic Dampers


The Hydac hydraulic dampers range comprises pulsation dampers, suction flow stabilisers, shock absorbers and silencers (fluid silencers or noise dampers).

Each product uses gas cushioning technology to add stability and refinement to a hydraulic circuit. Volume and pressure fluctuations within an operating circuit have a negative impact on the reliability and life-span of specific components within a hydraulic system.

Hydropneumatic dampers aim to mitigate the peaks and dips in flow rate and pressure. They have to be specifically tailored to each system to ensure they have the greatest efficacy and efficiency. Dampers also avoid pressure spikes that may upset the operation of a hydraulic consumer. Other reliability gains of dampers are the prevention of breakages in lines or halves, protections of measurement devices and reduced stress on seals. The overall effect of these products is the extended service life and reduced servicing costs of a hydraulic circuit, alongside better control and accuracy of operation.

Key technical specifications across the Hydac hydraulic dampers range are as follows:

  • SB series standard pulsation dampers: maximum volume: 1 – 32 litres; maximum pressure: 330 – 1000 bar
  • SBO series welded type pulsation dampers: maximum volume: 0.075 – 4 litres; maximum pressure: 50 – 330 bar
  • Threaded type pulsation dampers: maximum volume: 0.2 – 4 litres; maximum pressure: 10 – 500 bar
  • Suction flow stabilisers: maximum volume: 12 – 400  litres; maximum pressure: 16 bar
  • Silencers: maximum volume: 4.7 litres; maximum pressure: 300 bar

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