HydraForce PD10-44 Piloted Directional Valve


The HydraForce PD10-44 is a screw-in, cartridge style, pilot-operated, spool type, hydraulic directional valve.

In neutral position the valve blocks flow from port 2 to 3. On remote pilot signal at port 1, the valve’s spool shifts to allow flow from port 2 to 3 bidirectionally. The spring chamber is vented to port 4 which is internally o-ring sealed from the cartridge flow paths. Pressure on port 4 will directly (1:1) affect the pilot pressure required and must be added to the bias spring value.

Key features of this valve include a hardened spool and cage for long life and an industry common cavity.

Pressure rating: 241 bar (3500 psi)

The PD10-44 can be operated with mineral based or synthetic hydraulic fluid with lubricating properties.

For more information, you can download the HydraForce PD10-44 technical catalogue here.

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