HydraForce PS10-32 Sequence Valve


The HydraForce PS10-32 is a screw-in, cartridge style, direct-acting, spool-type, hydraulic sequence valve with external pilot and internal spring chamber drain, designed to direct flow to a secondary circuit once a predetermined pressure level is attained in the primary circuit.

In its steady state, the PS10-32X blocks flow from port 3 to port 2. On attainment of a pre-determined pressure at port 1, the cartridge shifts to open port 3 to port 2. Since the spring chamber is vented at port 2, back pressure at port 2 will directly (1:1) affect the valve’s setting.

Key technical features include:

  • Adjustments cannot be backed out of the valve.
  • Adjustments prohibit springs from going solid.
  • Optional spring ranges to 144.8 bar (2100 psi).
  • Hardened spool and cage for long life.
  • Industry-common size.

Pressure ratings are as follows:

  • Pressure rating: 206.8 bar (3000 psi)
  • Proof pressure: 482.6 bar (7000 psi)
  • Burst pressure: 688.5 bar (14000 psi)
  • Crack pressure defined: pressure evident at 0.95 lpm (0.25 gpm) attained port 1 to port 2

Flow ratings:

  • Flow rating: 30.3 litres / minute; 8 gallons / minute
  • Maximum internal leakage: 82 ml/minute; 5 in³ / minute

For more information, you can download the HydraForce PS10-32 technical catalogue here.

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