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    HydraForce Directional Control SP08-47D Spool-Type, 4-Way, 3-Position, “Motor Spool”

    HydraForce Directional Control SP08-47D Spool-Type, 4-Way, 3-Position, “Motor Spool”

    • Description


    HydraForce SP08-47D proportional solenoid-operated, direct-acting, 4-way, 3-position, spool-type, motor spool, screw-in hydraulic directional control cartridge valve.

    When de-energised, the SP08-47D blocks flow to 3 while allowing flow from 2 to 1, and from 4 to 1. When coil S1 is energised flow is allowed from 3 to 4 and from 2 to 1. When coil S2 is energised flow is allowed from 3 to 2 and from 4 to 1. In circuits where work port flows are unequal due to cylinder ratios, the higher return flow should be directed to port 2.

    Initial meter-in flow begins at a nominal 0.4 amp on a 12 VDC system. Full flow of 11 lpm (3 gpm) occurs at 1.0 to 1.1 amp on a 12 VDC system.


    • Continuous-duty rated solenoid
    • Hardened precision spool and cage for long life
    • Optional coil voltages and terminations
    • Manual override option
    • Optional waterproof E-Coils rated up to IP69K
    • Efficient wet-armature construction
    • Cartridges are voltage interchangeable
    • Good linearity and hysteresis
    • Industry-common cavity

    Ratings for the HydraForce SP08-47D valve:

    • Operating pressure: 240 bar (3500 psi)
    • Pressure rating: 655 bar (9500 psi) for SP08-47D only
    • Flow: up to 11.4 lpm (3 gpm) based on 50% duty-cycle and coil temperature of 20°C (140°F)
    • Internal leakage: 164 ml/minute (10 cu. in./minute) at 207 bar (3000 psi)
    • Hysteresis: less than 0.8 lpm (0.2 gpm) (from threshold to max control current)
    • Temperature:
      • -40 to 100°C (-40 to 212°F) with Buna seals;
      • -26 to 204°C (-15 to 400°F) with fluorocarbon seals;
      • -54 to 107°C (-65 to 215°F) with polyurethane seals
    • Valve inductance: S1 – 124 mH and S2 – 97 mH
    • Maximum control current: 1.0 A for 12 VDC D-coil

    Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

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