Hydreco 1600 1900 2200 Series Gear Pumps & Motors


Hydreco 1600, 1900 and 2200 aftermarket series pumps and motors are an established and highly reliable range of cast iron gear units. They were formerly made under the names of Hamworthy and David Brown Hydraulics.

Uni-directional and reversible motors are available. Pumps can also be supplied as single or multiple assemblies with others in this same range.

The Hydreco 1600 series is available in 6 models with displacements from 12.4 to 41.3 cc/rev and 170 bar.

Also available in 6 models, the 1900 series has displacements from 22.0 to 74.2 cc/rev at 250 bar peak pressure.

Finally, the Hydreco 2200 series has 5 frame sizes, covering displacements from 58.7 to 110.8 cc/rev at 250 bar peak pressure.

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